Double T Oyster Ranch is a family-owned oyster aquaculture operation founded in 2009 by the father and son team, Rick and Spike Meatyard. It is located in Herring Creek, a small tributary of the larger Potomac River, one of the largest watersheds feeding into the greater Chesapeake Bay.

OUR STORY: The idea for Double T Oyster Ranch came in 2008, while Rick and Spike were working underneath a steel bottom boat docked in Tall Timbers Marina. The pair quickly realized that there was a natural set of a couple dozen oysters thriving right under the boat in their very own Herring Creek! The two of them gathered the oysters and built them a small wooden float; they let the oysters grow off the docks for a year. As these oysters continued to thrive, Rick and Spike’s ambition was sparked and they decided to build four new prototype cages. The oysters thrived in the new cages were exceptionally delicious, enjoyed by all who tried them. 

Rick and Spike tweaked their designs and their operation continued to expand. Today, Double T Oyster Ranch occupies a 2-acre lease of aquaculture bottom from the state of Maryland and is home to 60 oyster cages!

QUALITY: We believe in quality - no oyster leaves our grounds without being hand­culled and approved. When it comes to the delivery of our product, we believe in speed and efficiency, but not at the cost of the quality of our product.

FAMILY: We treat each customer like an extended family member. We would love for all of our customers to come visit the oyster farm and restaurant and enjoy the beauty our setting has to offer. 

CRAFTSMANSHIP AND HISTORY: What sets us apart from other oyster farms is our heritage and connection to our local environment. The Meatyard family has been ­­working with oysters since they settled in Tall Timbers, MD in 1917. We build our own oyster cages and work with the local aquaculture plant in Piney Point, Maryland to obtain our oyster seed. By working with the aquaculture plant, we are currently generating our own broodstock by harvesting oysters that survived the MSX and Dermo blight of the 1980s to produce seed oysters for future harvest.

As our operation expands we will be able to generate jobs in the local community for oyster handling, welding and craftsmanship, the service industry, economics, and marketing. 

WHAT WE OFFER:  Farm Raised Oysters to order, large and small sizes with Double T Cups; Double T Merchandise including shucking knives, shucking boards, and apparel 

WHO WE SELL TO: You can find Double T Oysters at the Reluctant Navigator Restaurant (also owned by the Meatyard family); We also sell directly off the dock to interested parties or individuals! 

SEEKING OYSTER LOVERS! At the moment, we deliver to restaurants in Washington D.C., Annapolis, and La Plata, MD and Alexandria, VA. We are looking to expand our scope to farmers markets, as well as small/medium-scaled restaurants in Maryland, and the D.C. area that are interested in a locally grown product, and are willing to share our rich story with their customers! Could this be you? Contact us!